Cios w Knurowie

W dniach 06-08 listopada odbył się w Knurowie VII Międzynarodowy Turniej Bokserski im. Jerzego Krasnożona. W turnieju wzięło udział ponad 100 zawodników i zawodniczek z Polski, Czech i Ukrainy. Rywalizowano we wszystkich kategoriach wiekowych.
Klub Sportowy “Cios-Adamek” Gilowice reprezentowało trzech zawodników w kategorii wiekowej kadet: Michał Ostrowski, Dawid Ostrowski i Mateusz Majerczyk.
Nasi zawodnicy spisali się dosłownie na medal, bowiem kazdy wywalczył miejsce na podium.
Michał Ostrowski kat.50kg Złoty Medal po zdecydowanych wygranych jednogłośnie na punkty.
Mateusz Majerczyk kat.52kg Srebrny Medal po zaciętej walce w finale (sędziowie punktowali 2:1 dla przeciwnika).
Dawid Ostrowski kat.54kg Srebrny Medal, tuż za Mistrzem Czech.
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Weeeee, what a quick and easy solituon.

This USED to be my system. Both hubby and I work ouitsde the house and we use cloth diapers so there was always the waking up in the middle of the night remembering that we didn’t do the diapers and DS would not have any for school the next day! However we have come up with a system that has really helped and for the most part, we have been able to keep up with the laundry. I have the separate laundry sorter in our closet (1 for delicates (underwear and socks), 1 for towels, 1 for darks, 1 for lights), then 1 laundry bin for DS clothes (all together), then my diaper bin. That is 6 separate loads already sorted. Each morning I grab a load and start it before leaving for work. In order to put a new load in in the morning I have to put the one from the previous morning in the dryer or hang dry which then means I have to put the load in the dryer on the couch . That evening when hubby has play time with 2 year old DS he has to fold/stuff diapers, whatever is on the couch, while I am cooking dinner. Since the laundry is sorted already it only takes about 5 8 minutes in the morning to do this (we timed it). The thing that has helped, believe it or not, is I started hang drying everything (minus towels, diaper inserts, socks and underwear) from the wash I immediately hang on hangers to dry then I just have to put then in the closet. Of course this meant making sure everything was hung in closets and nothing is in drawers. It took some time getting used to it, but by making it a habit that every morning I start a load and by not really having a lot of laundry to fold it has made for an easier laundry duty and it is pretty much kept up. But before this the above system was DEFINITELY my house and we still jump out of bed in the middle of the night if diapers where not finished. Diapers are the only thing we HAVE to finish the whole cycle before morning because he will have nothing for school hoping he is potty trained soon so I won’t have this issue anymore! LOL.