Cios na Święta

Serdeczne życzenia Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia dla wszystkich sympatyków boksu składa zarząd KS “Cios-Adamek”.
Specjalne pozdrowienia dla kibiców w Norwegii.


Thanks for introducing a liltte rationality into this debate.

Cloud Computing is been all over the news off late. But I couldn’t relaly see a solid example of where its making the impact. Aidmatrix is a fantastic example. Do more with less has been for some time now. Its a natural reaction in times of turbuluence. Its great to hear Avanade helping Customers address this space. But I feel like asking myself do we have something different? Why is that everytime there is a recession, we push for do more with less ? Do we have other ways? I think thats where Innovation comes in to picture. Whats that new we have which will help our Customers to stand apart?