W drugim tygodniu września ruszamy z treningami po przerwie wakacyjnej. Wszystkich zainteresowanych serdecznie zapraszamy.
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Dover tends to only publish pubilc domain work, or at least did when that Redon book originally came out (in the 1960s, I think). You’d have to pay for a good file of the image depending on the institution that owns the original work, but a lot of those lithographs originally appeared in books. As far as books in English go, another notable use of Redon was on the cover of an early translated edition of Bataille’s Story of the Eye. I agree with Juliet, but am also sort of secretly pleased that the charge of his work hasn’t lessened much through overexposure on book jackets. The book on him by Larsen (?) from Penn State Press a couple of years ago is quite beautiful, with some substantive text to go along with the imagery.