Cios w Knurowie

W dniach 04-06 listopada w Knurowie odbył się Międzynarodowy Turniej Bokserski im. Jerzego Krasnożona. W imprezie wzięły udział ekipy z Polski, Niemiec, Czech i Ukrainy. Klub Sportowy “Cios-Adamek” Gilowice reprezentowało trzech zawodników: Michał Ostrowski, Mateusz Majerczyk i Dawid Ostrowski. Dorobek naszych zawodników to trzy medale złoty, srebrny i brązowy.
W grupie wiekowej Kadet w kat.57kg Michał Ostrowski w walce półfinałowej zdeklasował Jegora Skomoroknova (Charków – Ukraina) wygrywając na punkty 24-4. W walce finałowej miał zmierzyć się z Rafałem Rdzeniem z Rybnika, jednak ten nie wyszedł do ringu oddając walkę walkowerem.
W grupie wiekowej Junior w kategorii 57kg Dawid Ostrowski w walce półfinałowej przegrał na punkty z Patrikiem Velkym (Ostrava – Czechy). W tej samej kategorii wagowej wystartował Mateusz Majerczyk, ponieważ w swojej 54kg nie miał żadnego przeciwnika. W półfinale Mateusz pokonał na punkty Dawida Millera (“Shogun” Mysłowice). W walce finałowej sędziowie punktowali zwycięstwo Patrika Velky’ego.
Trener Dariusz Kudzia oceniając występ podopiecznych jak zwykle podkreślił doskonałą formę Michała, co napawa optymizmem przed zbliżającym się turniejem finałowym Pucharu Polski, w którym Michał będzie jednym z faworytów do złotego medalu. Dawid i Mateusz przegrali z aktualnym mistrzem Czech, prezentując ambitną postawę w ringu. Podkreślić trzeba zwłaszcza występ Mateusza, który nie bał się wystartować w wyższej kategorii wagowej. Zdobyte doswiadczenie na pewno zaprocentuje.


for your rant. I don’t think you at all sound like a downer. Rather, I think you hlhgiight a certain productive tension, if you will, between the views of different members of class. I happen not to think, however, that one needs to know everything about a topic/issue before acting, since certain kinds of knowledge are perhaps available only through action. Think, for instance, about your own experience in the Dominican Republic last summer and what you learned through doing. On the other hand, despite the very best intentions, ill-informed actions can undermine the very intent of those actions. I would, however, also like to believe that while many in the class like the idea of an honors course appearing on their transcript, no one is taking a class of this sort exclusively for that reason.

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Another case of racial dtrasiminciion that is not publicly known was another former Harrisburg Police officer John K Green. Green was forced to resign after having a heart attack while on-duty. His illness was not considered job related by chief Keller and was only given two options. Either he resigns or he’s fired. It was fully known that the heart attack occurred when in full uniform was about to leave his residence for a court hearing. Per the officers contract he was considered on-duty one hour before and one hour after his time of the court time. Having documentation from Green’s physician stating he could return to work in a light duty status. Keller refused to grant the light duty. Eventually forcing Green out of his job after 18.5 years. I was a witness to Keller coming to roll call telling officers that Green refused to come back to work knowing he had been cleared for light duty. Green was an excellent officer who was denied promotions. Keller was over-heard calling Green the N word on numerous occasions. It was even known Keller called The Capt of The Uniform Patrol division at the time a N . So it doesn’t surprise me that of Keller. Keller used to keep Green’s badge in his desk and if he had to discipline a officer or supervisor. He made statements that he would take their badge like he took Green’s badge showing it to the officers. Any officers badge that he fired he kept it in his desk as trophies. Keller had no problem in displaying the badges he took. Mostly of minority officers. If you were a white officer and you stood up for the minority officer you were placed on Keller’s hit list. Officer Green is very lucky he’s still alive considering what he’s been through. Keller destroyed that mans life.

But that’s also all there is: A charmless stream of battle and fight sequences that contorts mythic characters into blockbuster conventions. It’s comically late – literally the last few minutes – that the film even tries to slide emotion into the characters’ relations, as if attempting to hypnotize us before leaving the theater.
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Idaho potato grower Albert Wada is board chairman of United Potato Growers of America. Mister Wada recently compared potato prices before and after formation of the organization. Between September, two thousand four and June, two thousand five, overproduction of potatoes brought prices down. But in the same period a year later, growers received an average price increase of four dollars for every forty-five kilograms of potatoes.
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Still, the statue was old and becoming dangerous for visitors. In nineteen eighty-two, President Ronald Reagan asked businessman Lee Iacocca to lead a campaign to repair it. The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation raised about one hundred million dollars in private money to do the work. The repairs included replacing the torch and covering it with twenty-four carat gold. On July fourth, nineteen eighty-six, New York City celebrated a restored and re-opened Statue of Liberty.
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Other scientists say the findings fit with earlier theories about how the Grand Canyon may have been formed. But some experts on Earth’s development disagree. They say the study fails to support earlier findings.
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The book is an edited transcript of a series of conversations between Gibson and Jackson, overseen by Lonnie Wheeler, the collaborator on Gibson’s autobiography, “Stranger to the Game.”
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BOB DOUGHTY: Mr. Thiaw says La Nina conditions might begin again by the end of this year. And if that happens, he says, then the October-through-December rainy season could again be dryer than normal.
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THE Prodigy or Fatboy Slim are not enough to persuade Dorina Keresztes to fork out for a rock festival ticket this summer. She says she will find other ways to party.
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Intensive vaccination campaigns have reduced the number of new polio cases reported worldwide to fewer than two thousand a year. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative says the number has fallen by ninety-nine percent since nineteen eighty eight.
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