Michał Ostrowski

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Michał Ostrowski

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Warren, I heard you this morning on WROW and you came ascros great. You were Ron Paul-like in making your case and standing by it without some quick-fix mumbo jumbo from the conventional politico to cure all of our ails.I hope you opt to make the run for Governor and I would be glad to work on your campaign. You may not remember me, but I was with the Vasquez campaign when we testified about our procuring of signatures.As the populace of the state becomes more aware of the chicanery of the major parties, third party candidates are looking better all the time.The tea parties and unruly town hall meetings show an awakening starting to bubble up. I’d love to see you debate Andrew Cuomo and the Republican choice in a fair and honest debate.As a retiree I have ample time to expend on your behalf should you choose to go for it. I recall John Sweeney losing a city council seat election in Troy and winning his next outing for congress. Granted he was handed a Republican-heavy district by Bill Powers and the Pataki gang, but it shows that one can lose a smaller election and return and win a larger race.Richard Nixon also performed this feat.Expecting a win, while anything is possible, may be out of reach at this time. However, the move to save the state and the nation has to come from a third party movement on which we can build.

Your question was ansrweed Sue, and it appears you have some kind of bias or prejudice that you wish to keep communicating. Your bias and prejudice does not appear based in fact, as you ignore the facts that you have been given in making your apparent value judgments. Mr. Conklin performed on his contract, and remained ready, willing, and able to continue to perform. His non-performance is justified under the law due to the acts of the banks and their lawyers, which frustrated performance. One cannot create circumstances making it impossible for another to perform, then use those circumstances to justify suing for breach. Simply put, it does make sense, and your resistance to it does not appear to be genuine, and is not based in reason, law, or fact.

Karin (Ponte das Treas Entradas) zegt:En als je, zoals wij, naast een camping ook een cafe9 runt in het dorp dan eravar je de uitbundigheid waarmee men aan het feest wil beginnen. Blij, dagen vrij, familie uit het buitenland weer even thuis, biertje, wijntje erbij en de warmte van vriendschap en familie vieren! En ze komen ons ook geschenken brengen!! MOOI![]


Helt fra begynnelsen, da jeg først besøkte Vern hjemme under våre college år, jeg ble helt akseptert. favorittsted i hjemmet var på kjøkkenet og selv om hun først slått ned tilbud om hjelp til å lage mat, da hun fant ut at jeg virkelig elsket å lage mat, og ønsket å være en del av måltidet prosessen, ga hun meg ting å gjøre. var på den tiden at jeg virkelig ble kjent med mamma.
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