Mateusz Majerczyk

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Mateusz Majerczyk
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i find the link between alemchy and the kitchen, or hearth or stove or whatever to always be something like profound but not as deep as profound, more like ironic but in like a thinky way. voodoo cooking yknow? at the country club i used to cut out the eyes of salmon i was cleaning and curse the morning guy with them by hiding them in his prep work. i left a clove studded orange up in the vent system somewhere. and here now i carve runes onto old rib bones and char them to dust under the grill, hide shrines in the freezer and underneath where nobody can see them, it’s a fun time three times a week.also tied in with all that stuff i find stuff about hammers and anvils and the crucible, like it is melted altogether somewhere.

Nah, no worries, our puhselbir is really nice. The delays did sort of affect the release date, though, which is a shame but can’t be helped. (There are other factors, too, so it’s not too bad.) We’re currently using a mobile internet stick thing with extremely limited bandwidth.Yes, multiple donations are just fine. We really don’t mind snail-mailing things, but if you insist you don’t want one, sure.I don’t know if I could write an entry about Urizen yet. Someday there will be a book called Oneiropolis, a book so complicated in its structure it will be quite mad, and I think that book will tell us a lot about him. If not, he might always have something dedicated to him alone.

Oh my, this is promising. I love this sirees and the idea of a larger installment excites me.Promotion is an intimidating task with niche games like yours. However, your work has a cult following, and I advise keeping that in mind both for the purposes of evaluating who will buy the game and as a strategy for getting the word out. Make some of those social-network button doodads; come release time we’ll all be behind you. And I’d advise for your own sake to charge at least $10 or so, again on the basis of cult appeal. Having thought this over myself with regards to expressive games, you could have an alternative like giving a free copy to people who send a handwritten letter, or something like that. Thus someone who really wants the game but really can’t afford it can obtain a copy for the price of a stamp and a walk to the post office.Aaaanyway, . Keep up the good work, Jonas. You’re an inspiration to me.

KS „Cios-Adamek” Gilowice

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KS „Cios-Adamek” Gilowice

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