Cios w Katowicach

W dniach 04-06 IX odbył się Międzynarodowy Turniej Bokserski im. Alberta Opały w Katowicach. Organizatorem turnieju był “06 Kleofas” Katowice a honorowy patronat nad imprezą objął Prezydent miasta Katowice. W zawodach wzięli udział zawodnizy z Ukrainy, Łotwy, Rosji, Czech i oczywiście z Polski. KS “Cios-Adamek” reprezentowało dwóch kadetów: Michał Ostrowski i Mateusz Majerczyk.

Obydwaj zawodnicy wygrali rywalizację w swoich kategoriach wagowych.
Michał Ostrowski w finale kat.48kg pokonał jednogłośnie na punkty reprezentanta łotewskiego klubu “Liepaja” Rudolfsa Siltsa.
Mateusz Majerczyk w kat.52kg w półfinale pokonał Tomasza Gołucha z “Czarnych-Górala” Żywiec, a w finale zawodnika gospodarzy Sylwestra Małochę. Obie walki sędziowie punktowali jednogłośnie dla Mateusza.
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A little bit more diniggg and I discovered that the original shipping depot SZ1 is in Shenzhen China or more precisely Foxconn City at the Longhua Science & Technology Park. It looks like they have gone direct from the factory to NZ via Hong Kong. Looking at the flights from Hong Kong to NZ today, there are two likely candidates leaving at either 7pm tonight NZ or 10pm so I don’t think we are not likely to see any status change before then.Given they won’t get through customs till probably late on saturday or early monday, I think its reasonable to think they will hit the NZ TNT depot by mid morning monday, this might mean some Aucklanders get them on monday afternoon, but my prediction is a Tuesday morning delivery for most of us.(Toby Mills has made 3 comments)

26th and I’m in Palmerston North. Shipping from Hong Kong.Interestingly enough I odrreed a camera kit for the iPad a few weeks ago. It was shipped via TNT International Express and was sent on a Friday. It arrived on Tuesday morning so here’s hoping the iPhone is the same!!!!(commsdelta has made 82 comments)

Is another plank of this reltead to portability? If I create my ePortfolio at school in aplication X but my next provider’s ePortfolio can’t read from application X so I have to start again and now it’s on application Y and then I move to post-grad study with a different institution where application Z is the flavour of the month and that doesn’t ..I’m thinking back to the pile of exercise books my mother hoards stuff I might have done 40 years ago is probably of little value now but an ePortfolio that only lives on a server at my last place of learning or on a memorystick (wherever I store that) it’s not a living piece of work, it’s simply a different way of storing exercise books. I still own it but that ownership is being constrained by the system owners.