Koszulki klubowe

W związku z licznymi zapytaniami informacja dotycząca koszulek z gali:
Nie są na sprzedaż – otrzymują je Członkowie KS Cios, lub osoby wspierające klub – na różne sposoby :)
Aby otrzymać koszulkę, należy wpłacić składkę członkowską jednorazowo za cały rok, wysyłamy na nasz koszt. W mailu wyślemy deklarację członkowską, którą należy wydrukować, podpisać i w wolnej chwili odesłać do nas pocztą. Składka miesięczna wynosi 5zł. Członkowie klubu są uprawnieni do uczestnictwa w treningach i w spotkaniach klubowych.
Pozdrowienia dla kibiców poznanych we Wrocławiu. Wkrótce (w miarę wolnego czasu) opis i zdjęcia z wyjazdu KS Cios.


Here’s what I think. I agree partially with bmbaib about women being great social communicators. I believe that the lack of women in I.T. is the reason for the lack of women in I.T. What I’m trying to say is that a woman generally feels like she’s on her own when surrounded by a majority of a male- dominated field and has no common ground (or feels intimidated) when there is no other female to communicate with on their level. I believe that women are fully capable of the same technical capabilities as us men. There are just the social roadblocks or speed bumps that later on end up just being detoured into another field altogether. This is just my opinion.

A few random thghouts The disconnect between Marketing and IT is an issue that has been around for a very long time, and your observations regarding each department’s view of the other is very familiar. In terms of overall policy, I am of the view that this is Marketing to decide, with IT acting as the enabler but noting that, in today’s enterprises, this enablement could be outsourced in a wide variety of ways. However, you are right that departments other than Marketing also have contact with clients, and that a coherent strategy needs to exist across all channels. Where is this strategy to come from? To be honest, I don’t know but again, in my view it is NOT from IT, who should be there to support the business architecture and enable the vision.Finally, we spout on a lot about the power of the customer. I wonder how accurate that is. One could argue that, in any society which offers choice, the customer is already king (it’s just that things happen faster in a connected, networked world). The advent of social media has not fundamentally changed this but what it has done is put far more power in the hands of businesses. All of us customers now reveal far more about ourselves (and not just our buying habits) through social media and effectively put this information in the hands of corporations and governments. It is debateable whether this is actually healthy for privacy or democracy.

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